The following shall be the governing Policies of the Wills Cemetery Association Inc:


Gravesite:  A gravesite is a defined space for the burial of human remains only. The space may contain one human remains or one human remains and the inurnment of one human remains or  the inurnment of two human remains.  The Wills Cemetery will allow burial of two infants with prior approval by the Assoc.   The dimension of all gravesites is 4 feet wide North and South  and  10 feet long East and West.

Evidence of Ownership:  Ownership of each gravesite as reflected in the Associations records, shall be evidenced by a Certificate of Ownership, which shall be in written form, signed by the President and Secretary of the Association, and which shall designate the gravesite by identifying locators referencing locations specified on the Association’s Record Plat of gravesites by Lot, Row or Block and Grave. The Secretary shall affix the Association’s Seal to the Certificate.

Replacement Certificate of Ownership: If a Certificate of Ownership is missing or destroyed, a member of the family of the Record Owner may, by affidavit, establish the rightful ownership of the gravesite, whereupon the Association will issue a Replacement Certificate of Ownership, which shall be and remain subject to superior claims of ownership until the gravesite is used for burial.

Record Plat of Gravesites:  The Association shall maintain, at the Association’s principal business location, a written Plat of Gravesites, drawn to appropriate scale, upon which each gravesite shall be clearly identified by its location.

Owner of Record:  The Association shall maintain a written record of ownership, whether acquired by original purchase from the Association or subsequent transfer from a prior owner, of each gravesite, listing the owner of record for each gravesite after its initial purchase from the Association.

Transfer of Ownership:  Each owner of a gravesite may relinquish his rights of ownership to another, by gift, sale or inheritance. Evidence of such transfer of ownership shall be reflected in the Association’s Record of Ownership upon its receipt of notification in writing to the Association of such transfer. Upon surrender of the transferor’s certificate of ownership, the Association shall issue a new certificate of ownership to the transferee. If no original deed or certificate of ownership is returned, the transfer will be noted in the Association record.

Gravesite Sales:  Gravesites are sold to individuals, not entities. Gravesites are not sold for the purpose of resale. The Cemetery Association reserves the right to limit the number of Gravesites sold to an individual or family, business or corporation.



Each burial shall be in a graveliner or urn approved by the Association. Remains must be interred within the boundaries of a gravesite. The Wills Cemetery is not responsible for preparation
and/or interment of cremation burials. Families will be allowed to prepare the site or they should contact the funeral home for assistance.

Marking:   Each gravesite will be located and marked by the Association prior to excavation. The Association is not responsible for errors in the location of gravesite not marked by the Association.

Interred remains cannot be moved or removed without knowledge and/or permission of the Wills Cemetery Board representative.


The location of monuments must be marked by the Association prior to setting. Gravestones cannot be placed until gravesite is paid for. Monuments set in error not marked by the Association shall be moved at the owner’s expense. Existing gravestones cannot be moved unless marked by the Cemetery.

Monument Placement Guidelines

All monuments shall be placed at the head of the gravesite in line with any existing monuments in the same row. All types of gravesite markers, such as benches, shall be placed at the head of a gravesite where a monument would normally be placed and adhere to the guidelines referenced in this policy.

Single Monuments

Single monuments shall be centered on the gravesite. A monument and base cannot be more than 42 inches wide.

Companion Monuments

A companion monument shall be centered on the line between the two gravesites. For a monument centered on two gravesites, the base and monument cannot be more than 90 inches wide.


Ledgers shall be centered on the gravesite with the front of the ledger on the line at the head of the gravesite.


Each gravesite can also have a footstone. Footstones shall be centered on the foot of the grave and must be flat with the ground and be less then 3″ in height above the ground.

Any deviations from this policy must be approved in writing by the board of directors.


The association will not be responsible for the leveling of monuments that have settled or damage to monuments, statuary and other tributes, whether due to vandalism, negligence of others, or care-taking or routine association maintenance.


The Association will provide the following routine care:

  1. Mowing and maintenance of plantings installed by the Association.
    Note: (The Association will not be responsible for care of nor damage to live plants or other items placed at any gravesite. )
  2. New gravesites will be leveled and seeded after settlement has occurred, and sunken gravesites will be leveled and reseeded as required.
  3. Flowers will be removed from gravesites two weeks after burial.
  4. Flowers will be removed from gravesites two weeks after Memorial Day.
  5. Flowers and Miscellaneous Item on Gravesites:
    • Shepherd hooks are allowed within 6 inches of the monument.
    • Small trinkets and objects that are loose, ornamental, ceramic, etc. are not allowed and will be removed.
    • Flowers must be on shepherd hooks or in vases that are permanently mounted to the monument.
    • No live plantings allowed.  (See under Plantings)
    • Rules for Memorial Day decorations apply. (See under Maintenance #4)


Live plantings are prohibited. Landscaping is provided by the Association.


Security lights will operate from dusk to dawn.

The Cemetery grounds are fenced and access is prohibited from dusk to dawn.


The Cemetery has established the cost per gravesite, effective March 1, 2020, to be $650.
After a funeral home notifies the Wills Cemetery regarding a pending burial, the Cemetery will invoice the funeral home for a “marking” fee of $100. effective March 1, 2020. This “marking” fee will reimburse the Association for work related to the official locating of the gravesite, as well as the official locating of the monument, which may be placed at a later date.

The Association will provide maintenance to existing gravesites, gravesites held for future use and common grounds. The Association depends upon its fundraising activities and the generosity of family and friends who give of their time and money in the protection and preservation of the cemetery.
Due to the cost of maintaining and researching cemetery records the Association reserves the right to assess fees for issuance of gravesite certificates and replacement ownership records. The Association also reserves the right to recover damages caused by the negligent actions of persons entering the premises of the cemetery.


The following is a list of the Wills Cemetery Association Inc., Board of Directors, Officers and Phone numbers.

Larry Dobson, President: 816-331-2888

Kenny Carter, Vice President: 816-588-2910

Kate Krabiel, Secretary/Treasurer: 816-540-2945

Kathy Carter, Historian: 816-729-6689

Judy Clark, member: 816-779-6235

John C. “Jack” Reid, member: 816-779-6889

Gary Krabiel, member: 816-540-2945

Steve Yocum, member:  816-769-5989

Scott Dobson, member : 816-935-1373

Brandon Barber, member: 816-405-0948


  • Revision # 9, August, 2020