Lot Purchase

How to purchase a lot at Wills Cemetery

Gravesites are being sold individually for $500. each.  Each gravesite measures 4 feet wide by 10 feet deep.  Gravestones or monuments are to be placed on the west end of the gravesite.

Most of the Wills Cemetery is laid out in multiples of six gravesites per lot, however, some lots contain three or nine gravesites.  A 2-foot wide alley separates one lot from another and a five-foot walkway separates each row in the cemetery which allows foot traffic without encroaching on a gravesite.  With this much-unused space, the cemetery does not look overcrowded which adds to the tranquil, country feel of the Wills Cemetery.

Wills Cemetery policies state that a gravesite may contain one vault burial and one inurnment or no more than two inurnments per gravesite.  Currently, the Wills Cemetery has approximately 324 gravesites available for purchase in the existing platted cemetery.

Aerial View of Cemetery

When looking at the aerial view of the cemetery divided into sections, there are gravesites available to be purchased in Sections B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, M and I, with the most gravesites available in Sections G, H, J, and M.

If interested in purchasing a gravesite or multiple gravesites, please contact Larry Dobson, at 816-331-2888 or email at lldobson@aol.com. or Jim Clark at 816-779-6235 or email at jocjkc@comcast.net.  Either or both of these directors can make arrangements to meet at the cemetery to help people select a gravesite.